5 Skirts Which Look Amazing With A Black Sweater

Black sweater is one must-have piece for winter wardrobe and it goes amazingly well with skirts. Here is how you can wear different skirts with this one amazing piece.

Metallic skirts– Pleated metallic skirts look super fashionable and is a perfect way to jazz up any occasion. It serves up as a perfect day and night wear and is also a great party wear. So when in doubt with what to pair it with, simply pull a black sweater from your wardrobe to wear with this skirt.

Animal print– Black always goes well with animal prints. So when you have to wear an animal print skirt, try wearing a black sweater with it. You can wear sneakers during the day for comfort wear, and replace them with heels for night or party wear.

All Black– It’s said when in doubt go for black, as black never fails to impress. So you can also wear a nice black skirt along with a black sweater. Accessorize the look with a sling or thin belt, or you can also highlight the look with nice chunky black belt.

Sequence skirts– Sequence skirts in any color and texture go well with a black sweater. So when you are party ready you know what to wear with your sequence skirts.

Overcoat– Your black sweater and skirt can look more glamorous when paired with an overcoat and long boots. This is a perfect look for those extra cold days when you want to look best while feeling warm and comfortable.

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