3 Contemporary Blouse Designs To Turn Your Regular Traditional Outfit Look Completely Stunning

When you plan on donning a complete traditional look, along with traditional jewelry and makeup what is that one thing that can completely change the way you look. Well, it’s your blouse which makes the entire difference. A well fitted, contemporary cut makes you stand out from the rest. But how to do so, well we have a few ideas for you…

Off shoulder cut– An off shoulder blouse looks sexy and super feminine. Combining it with a traditional saree balances the contemporary fusion look. An off shoulder cut is also great for the ones who have shorter neck as it shifts the focus from the neck to the collar bones, making your neck look taller. Adding fringes to to the blouse would be an another great addition.

Spaghetti style– This is an another blouse cut which goes amazingly with any sort of saree. Whether its a modern or a traditional saree, a spaghetti blouse never fails to impress. To accessorize a bit you can combine this look with a belt at the waist.

V cut off shoulder– Band style off shoulder blouse would look great with a traditional silk saree. So next time you plan your silk saree blouse, don’t forget that you can make the entire thing look more interesting and contemporary. Give it a try, and you won’t regret.

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