Add A Contemporary Touch To Your Saree Blouse Look With A Bell Sleeve Blouse

Bell sleeves look really awesome on traditional saree blouse designs. Here are a few inspirational design ideas….

Short version– You can use a basic bell style short sleeve pattern for the blouse. This length will give your blouse a modern crop top look.

Half or 3/4th style– If regular bell sleeve give you feeling of wings (just kidding!), then try using a small attachment of bell sleeve detail onto your regular half or 3/4th sleeve style.

Double layer– You can also use the bell sleeve in layers which will give this style a good flare.

Exaggerated version– Now this one is a truly dramatic one with exaggerated flounce.

Try it on Off shoulder– You can go for full flare bell sleeves with an off shoulder blouse to add a contemporary touch to your saree.

Layer this style– And off course you can definitely use layers to create this style.

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