5 Ways To Wear A Teddy Sweater In Winters

Teddy sweater is one of the most comfortable and fashionable sweater style for winters. And though its not an easy task to manage this fabric, but still when paired with correct outfits a teddy sweater looks simply comfortable, sexy and fashionable. Here are a few ways to rock this look….

Boyfriend denims– Simple teddy sweaters or sweat shirts look amazing with boyfriend fit distress denim. Be it any color or style, a teddy sweater will always look good with this style of denim. Wear it with sneakers for casual look, and go for heels when you want to look sexy.

Monochrome outfit– You can also choose to wear a single color outfit with your teddy sweater, as the monochrome concept really makes the teddy sweater to stand out. So wear it with a single color winter dress, or pair it with a single color top and bottom.

Woolen dress– Thinking of wearing a woolen dress, well this is how you can add little bit of warmth to your winter look with this dress. Wear a long teddy sweater and you will be all set to beat the cold in style.

Long sweater and trouser– For those extra cold days, choose to wear a long sweater along with a overlong teddy sweater. Finish this look with a formal trouser and heels.

Cable knit sweaters– Heavy weight sweaters or high neck sweaters are also a great option to wear with a long teddy sweater. Team this look with leather trousers for a sexy look.

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