6 DIY Denim Printing Techniques You Can Try While In Quarantine

Thinking of doing something interesting and creative in this quarantine period, then we have a few ideas for you. Well how about revamping your basic denims with these fun DIY fabric painting ideas….

Sponge dabbing– Sponge is a great material to start a fuss free printing at home. All you need is some pieces of a clean sponge and colors of your choice to start with. Dab the sponge piece in the color and remove excess onto a piece of cloth by simply dabbing it lightly onto the cloth. Now dab the same sponge to the areas which you want to print on denim.

Stencil print– Making stencils at home is very easy. Prepare a cutout of a design on hard paper, cardborad or a transparent sheet and keep the cutout over the jeans, on the area where you want to print. With the help of a sponge, brush or spray paint color through these stencil on denim. You can either go for all over print or create one bold design with the help of these homemade stencils.

Splattering– You can also use a thick paint brush like this for splattering. Although splattering can be done with different tools and techniques.

Permanent markers and pens– Permanent markers can also be used to create free hand drawings like this.

Lace motifs– You can also use a piece of lace fabric or a simple netted lace as a stencil to create pattern on denim.

Fabric paints– You can also use your regular fabric paints and brush to create patterns and free hand drawings which interest you.

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