Stylish kurtis to rock

8 stylish kurtis to rock to any festive occasion

You have been invited to a party or a wedding and the first thing that pops in your mind is choosing what to wear and of course, your hair and nails. Peeking inside your closet, all you see are your normal dresses but you want to stand out and get people talking about your outfit, right? Well, what better way to step up your fashion game than wearing a kurti.

Kurtis are selling like hotcake season in, season out. It’s flexibility and the perfect mash up of Indian and Western culture in its design and availability in plus size kurtis option has made ladies in India and beyond to make this piece the queen of their wardrobes. Without further ado, here are some of the kurtis that will make you look amazing in any festive occasion.

A georgette embroidered high-spirited kurti

Many festive occasions like weddings have a tradition that has to be followed in terms of clothing, food just to name a few. Well, if you want to be peculiar but still stick to tradition, then this is for you. Georgette material is very shiny and outgoing which is perfect for the festivities. It is also light-weight which will make you feel comfy while wearing it.

The embroidery and the patterns on it will make you look all lively; not forgetting that it comes in different shades of colors for you to find the one that perfectly brings out your personality. The icing on the cake? It’s high-slit design, which will add that chic look on you. You can pair it up with palazzo pants or leggings and grace your whole look with golden jewellery, then step out looking all festive-ready.

High-split striped Kurti

High-split striped Kurti

Perhaps you are one of ladies who just don’t like screaming colors. This high-split striped kurti is the ideal one for you, because it has colors that are more tonned down but fit for any festive event. The high-split adds an oomph to your style and sort of reveals your bottom wear, which is very classy. The trick with this piece is to go bold with your accessories and footwear. Wear those dangling earrings and bangles, then top it all up with your favorite sling bag and stripped high heels. You will no doubt turn heads at that occasion.

Pleated waist kurti with a slip set

Pleated waist kurti with a slip set

Still focusing on soft colors, here is another piece which comes on lighter shades of colors. While everyone is rocking those bright colors, why don’t you stand out with an outfit that is all cool and collected?  It’s fabric is a perfect combination of silk and cotton. So, you will look all glitz and glamour while feeling super comfortable in your kurti.

This ethnic piece has some silver foiling, to add some sauce to your look. The pleats are centered around the yoke, sleeves and has some shell buttons on the neckline. Finally, it comes with a slip set, giving you that one of a kind stylish look. When you do not feel like putting on a bottom wear, the slip set comes in handy making you look decent while flossing with your own unique look.

Anarkali kurtis with matching palazzo pants

Anarkali kurtis with matching palazzo pants

This outfit oozes out style and comfort all at once. For starters, you won’t have trouble finding a bottom wear that perfectly matches it, since it comes with its own pair of palazzos. This anarkali kurti is also comes with shades of different shades of colors so you will find one that perfectly matches your skin. The embroidery on the front gives it that festive glow you are looking for. The best part about this outfit is that it comes with a dupatta, taking your ethnic fashion game to a whole new level.

Green anarkali kurti

Green is just one of the common festive colors. Well, you can get onto the festive train in a stylish way with this flared anarkali kurti. It is made of cotton fabric which is just heaven on you because of how comfortable and breathable it is. The designers in this case went all over with the detailing. It has glassworks on the top and foil print at the bottom to give that look fit for royalty. The kurti is very flowy which makes it comfortable for you to wear it bottomless.

Gown style kurti

Make a grand entrance into that occasion with this gown styled kurti. It has a flowing skirt attached to it making it an attire fit for a fashion queen. It’s detailing doesn’t disappoint as it is endowed with prints that are all glowy. It’s something silk material is shiny to make you look bright. It is also very poofy, which is expected of any gown therefore, it is comfortable without a bottom wear.

A multi-colored Kurti

A multi-colored Kurti

If you are looking for plus size kurtis to wear to any festive season, this will without a shadow of doubt, top your list. It is also made of cotton fabric, which will make you feel comfortable and give you that rich ethnic look. The prints and different details add the cherry on top of the traditional style it has. Coming in a wide array of options, you can comfortably find that one that defines your fashion personality. It’s different colors will make you blend in any occassion’s theme color but still stand out.

Black neck-tie kurti

Black is that one color that has never aged off the fashion world. It’s flexibility, where it can perfectly match with any color, makes it stay in trend. With this kurti, you will have that boss-lady look and still have the ethnic touch on it. Although it rarely has prints or patterns, the twill around the neck adds enough detail to the whole outfit. As mentioned before, pairing any black piece is super easy and it’s nothing different when it comes to this gorgeous Indian wear. Do not be shy to go all in with brightly coloured bottom wears and bold accessories. With that, you will absolutely brighten up your look and make you party-ready.

Now you know. These are some of the top kurtis that you can dazzle your way through to that festive occasion and look like the fashion diva you are.


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