7 Alluring Neckline Designs In V Cut

Blouse design is as important as the look of the saree, and if you love wearing V necklines then here are a few ideas for you….

Front open– A band collar front open is a classic V neckline for a blouse. You can highlight the neck and the sleeve area with a contrast color piping and some embroidery all over the seams.

Plunging V neck– A deep V neck at the front is apt if you want a plunging neckline. To add a bit of embellishment you can get little bit of embroidery done at the hemline. The back can be done in a backless style like in the picture, or can also be left all covered for a traditional look.

V collar– If you like wearing collars then this is a perfect style for you. Traditional silk saree’s go amazingly with these blouses.

Shirt collar– The classic notch collar of a shirt can also be an inspiration for the V shaped necklines. The collars can be embroidered, printed or can also be done in contrast shades for highlighting the neck detailing.

Off shoulder– A broad V cut makes a good off shoulder neckline and is great if you want a dramatic and sexy neckline for your blouse. You can use this cut to add more sex appeal to the saree’s in chiffon and Georgette or use it for your traditional saree’s to bring in a touch of fusion to the ethnic look.

Highlight with brocades– A plain blouse can be highlighted with use of a contrast fabric like brocade. Use it for collars and front potli buttons.

Fake shirt look– And you do not have to wear a shirt underneath the blouse to get this look, infact this can be achieved with a fake shirt look where a part of the shirt lookalike is stitched with the regular blouse.

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