Low And High Cut Hemlines- A Trend Alert

A fashion trend which is mushrooming these days is High and Low cut hemline or Asymmetric hemline. They can be seen on Indian wear and Western wear silhouettes, as they go with both the philosophies. They add a little drama and style to the usual straight cut hemlines. A silhouette with this Asymmetric hemline gives a stylish appeal to the entire look. You can definitely choose the propotion of the high and low cut for your dress according to your choice. Give your usual straight cut kurta, kurti a twist of style with this Asymmetric style, or make your western wear dress more appealing by trying this style. But remember to keep the proportion of your cuts according to the silhouette you have chosen, and also according to your height. Also this cut looks very feminine.


Asymmetric Short Dress–  Bored of wearing the same old short dress, then try this silhouette. Maybe you can also convert your old simple dress into this one. Just decide on the difference you want for both the back and front layer and cut out the front likewise.


Asymmetric Skirts– This cut in skirts looks stylish and can be teemed with tops in feminine cuts.


Cuts with a high difference– There are styles where the difference between the front and the back hemlines is more. It depends how dramatic you want to make it. Looks stylish too, will work for the girls with long legs.


Cuts with low difference– If you are short do not go for much bold difference between the hemlines as they will draw the attention towards your legs, making you look more shorter.


Asymmetric Wedding Gown– One can also try this style for a stylish wedding ball gown. They look different, sexy and stylish.


Asymmetric Kurta– Team up regular denims, trousers, leggings, salwars with a kurta like this for a stylish look.


Asymmetric Kurta– These are perfect for an Indian twist to this style. Team them up stylishly with bottoms.

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