Traditional Necklaces For Brides

Its difficult to choose jewelry for the wedding day as one wants to look at its best. This article is for the brides who love jewelry more than clothes. Here are few options to choose from.

Jadau Raani Haar– Long neck piece with multi strings and a bold pendant is known as Raani Haar. Goes very well with all the bridal looks, as they can be paired with a saree, lehnga choli, Long anarkali suits and even with gowns. Mix of different materials is a good choice for variety, here its a combination of Jadau Kundan and pearls. Jadau jewelry of Jaipur is especially famous for its royal and traditional look.



Multi layered Pearl Effect with Chocker– A combination of Rani Haar in pearls and precious stones is paired with a choker and gives a heavy and traditional look of age old times. If your wedding attire is in single color and you want to enhance the look by adding up a heavy jewelry, then this will be a perfect fit for you, as it covers the entire neck area and gives a heavy look.


Kundan or Polki Neck cuff style Jewelry– Nothing beats the look and grace of big polki diamonds. Mixed with other semi precious stones, its a favorite among Indian brides. This single cuff style neck piece covers the entire neckline beautifully in jadau pattern and other semi precious stones add a color to the jewelry. Generally Meenakari is done on the back side of such jewelry patterns.


Guluband Choker Style– A small necklace style which sits above the nape of the neck, sometimes worn in the middle of the neck in few styles. Its a very traditional and ancient jewelry style for necklaces. It is also one of the most popular style amongst brides from Uttaranchal, though design and material vary as they are done on gold with a maroon fabric as a base.


Combination of two styles– A Huge Polki Chocker style necklace is combined with a Rani haar again in a Polki, and other semi precious stones. What sets it apart from other styles is that they look like an extension of the same piece. Also the choker in other designs are not so exaggerated, they are small covering just the upper part of the neck. This is good if you want to focus more on jewelry for your look as they cover the front portion entirely. Keep the color and embroideries minimalist for this look as too much of everything will do justice neither to the dress nor to the jewelry.


Rajasthani Aad – A modern version of Rajasthani Aad in kundan, pearls and stones. Its basically a choker which is further extended in various designs. Falls greatly at neck and covers the neck to the fullest. Great for the brides who do not want long neck pieces and are also not satisfied with the small choker look.


Multi layer Raani Haar with pendants– A general Rani haar may or may not have pendants all over, but this version has pendants attached to every layer of the piece.


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