4 Ways To Wear Your Pearl Necklaces Which Are Made To Impress!

Pearl Jewelry is timeless piece of art which looks royal, elegant and straight out of a timeless Bollywood movie. And though there are chokers and long string peal neckpieces, but the impression of a low lying pearl necklace is matchless. Especially the ones which have single or multiple pendant designs on them. The best thing about pearls is that you can pair them with traditional as well as modern cuts and here are a few examples….

SareeSarees in chiffon, georgette, crepes and pure silk do justice to the pearl jewelry. The delicate texture of these fabrics go perfectly with the delicate and feminine look of the pearls. Wear multistring pearl neckpiece having a pendant at the center with a handprinted chiffon saree.

Salwar suit– You can also wear a multistring neckpiece with your traditional salwar suits, especially those which have chickankari work on them. The white stitch of the chickankari embroidery compliments the look of a pearl jewelry making it a perfect combination to try. If you don’t like the white look of pearls then go for the colored ones, which are light pink or the natural off white look. You can also choose for smaller and delicate pearls rather than the bigger ones.

White shirts– Its no secret that pearls look great with a white color attire. And when you want to look your best in a white shirt, then do go for a pearl necklace. When you have to attend a special occasion which calls for special dressing, you can mix and match a white shirt with a low lying pearl necklace.

Dress– Pair a pearl neckpiece with a dress and turn the entire look to an another level. Remember pearls look excellent with pastels and earthy colors, so anything in these colors with spotlessly gel with pearls.

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