Wear The Hoop Earring Trend The Bollywood Way

Hoop earrings are again in trend, well thanks to our Bollywood celebs who are seen wearing this accessory every now and then. And if you too are a big fan of this accessory style, then probably this is the best time to take them out and wear them in style….

Traditional hoop earrings– Now this is something which you can vouch for anytime. Wear it anytime of the day and irrespective of what you are wearing, it gels up with almost everything and anything.

Mesh style– Thick hoop earrings done in filigree patterns along with a mesh or see through design is great if you want a stylized version of this accessory.

The coins– Oversized hoop earrings with an addition of several coins at the bottom is something which noone can resist. It also goes very well with the fusion outfits.

The fancy ones– The fancy ones come with additional floral attachments or any other sort of fancy stuff like stones and all.

Double hoop style– To make a bold statement opt for double hoop earrings, this style looks super sexy and you don’t need any other thing to make you look more noticeable other than this one piece of accessory.

Pearl loops– If you don’t find them online, then just make one for yourself by inserting few pearls all over the hoop earring and you will be sorted.

The layered effect– Now this style is possible only if you have multiple piercing. Simply get loop earrings in different sizes and layer them like this.

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