6 PVC Footwear Styles Which Are An Absolute Delight To Wear In Rainy Season

Every season calls in for special attention according to which you have to make changes in food, diet, looks and even in your wardrobe. But don’t neglect your footwear, as when it comes to your wardrobe the footwear section is which needs most care in monsoon. PVC and jelly sandals are perfect for rainy season as they are washable and don’t spoil easily. Here are a few styles to watch out for…..

Flip flops– Flip flops or sliders are best for monsoon or rainy season. They are easy to wear and even if you end up spoiling them in mud and water you can easily wash them up and wear them again. You can choose from regular sliders or the fancy ones which come with studs and other fancy stuff.

Gladiator style– To add a style to your look, wear a gladiator style footwear which will look really impressive.

Platform heels– If you really love wearing heels, but the rains are making it impossible to indulge in one then do try wearing platform heels. Platform heels are a safer option for monsoon season as they are not so slippery and you can easily balance out in them.

Rain Boots– PVC rainboots are perfect for those extra rainy days where taking out your other stuff would only make your feet and footwear both dirty. These rain boots are easy to clean and wash and also protect your feet from getting dirty in water and mud. Rain boots come in various lengths and so you can pick one which best comforts you.

Heels– PVC heels is an another option to try if you really want to wear high heels. You can choose from open toe style to the strappy ones and even the sexy stiletto’s for yourself.

Gumboots– Gumboots is an another must have monsoon footwear and they come in different length’s.

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