Tips To Follow For Carefree Monsoon

Monsoon is already here and its super important to make a few changes in your wardrobe according to the change in season. Following a few basic tips and tricks will make sure that you enjoy the best of the season. Here are a few pointers to remember…..

Shorten the length– To make sure that you don’t stain your clothes while walking down the road wear clothes with tapered hemline like culottes or cropped pants and trousers. This will make sure that you stain clothes while walking. Replacing long Kurta with short kurti’s is an another great idea for monsoon.

Wear water friendly footwear– Use footwear that is comfortable for your feet. Leather footwear and footwear made from canvas is a big no for monsoon as it can absorb water and leather can develop fungus by coming in contact with moisture. Best is to wear water resistant and open sandals. For example you can go for PVC sandals which are easily washable and do not need much care.

Watch out for jewelry replacement– Its time to keep your silver jewelry aside during monsoon. Jewelry made with jerkins should also be avoided during monsoon. You can replace your jewelry with resin and PVC jewelry styles during monsoon.

Change your bags– Again leather bags is a big no noooo for this season. Pick on water resistant bags and thank us later for the suggestion. Nowadays colorful PVC bags are also available which look super fashionable.

Water resistant watch– Now this one is a must have accessory which you can’t go without! Replacing your regular watch with a water resistant one would be the best thing for the monsoon.

Invest in a good raincoat and Umbrella– You will be amazed with the design variations available for umbrella. Pick a nice one as a good raincoat and umbrella will protect you from getting drenched in rain.

Pick weather friendly fabrics– Ditch body hugging silhouettes and fabrics like denims and other thick fabrics which would take time to dry. Instead pick lightweight and comfortable silhouette which would dry faster. Fabrics like cotton, chambray, dryfit are perfect for monsoon.

Minimal makeup– Monsoon is definitely not a season to clog your pores with a lot of makeup. Monsoon brings a lot of humidity which results in excessive sweating, so clean skin properly and use light moisturizer to avoid sweating. Also investing in a good waterproof makeup is recommended when you have to wear makeup.

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