5 Ways To Make Your Kurta Sets Monsoon Ready

If you are someone who loves wearing traditional kurta sets then making your wardrobe monsoon ready is really very important. When the things get a little messy around, a few changes in the silhouettes can make your life much more easier in this season . Here are a few tips to watch it for…….

Invest in floral printsMonsoon calls out for indulging in bright and peppy floral numbers. You can carry floral printed dupatta’s along with a plain suit set, or just go for matching ensemble in floral prints.

Opt for loose silhouettes– Since its monsoon so its obvious to feel humid and sweaty, therefore its best that you ditch your tight and fitted clothes for the time being and invest in loose and comfortable clothing. Silhouettes like A-line kurta’s, pants, palazzo are best to try in this season.

Wear cotton– If we talk about the best fabrics for this season then cotton will always top the list. Cotton fabrics are best to fight humidity and sweat and therefore is the best choice for the monsoon season. Wear more of cotton suit sets and kurti’s to beat the heat in style. Another great option and substitute of cotton is linen which is widely available.

Give dupatta sets a break-It’s great to shed a few layers of clothing for good in this season. When its already wet and humid outside, it will only bring relief to you by giving your dupatta a miss for the time being. And since you are already wearing loose comfortable clothing in this season then you wouldn’t want to club a dupatta with the loose silhouette’s.

High hemlines– Ditch your long, floor length hemlines as they will only spoil your dress in this season. Instead play safe and opt for high hemlines which won’t spoil easily and will also prove to be comfortable for you.

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