5 Ways To Style A White Kurta Set

White Kurta‘s are evergreen, they work so gracefully and beautifully for everyone that this fact makes them a must have piece for every wardrobe. The most amazing thing about white kurta’s is that you can style it in so many ways that whenever you wear it, it will always look like a new attire. Here are a few ways to style a white kurta…..

Wear a contrast dupatta– To break the monotony of the white color pair your white set with a contrast color dupatta. The dupatta can be single color or simply pick a nice printed one to go with your attire. To add a festive look use a fancy dupatta in brocade or woven chanderi.

Accessorize with bold accessories– If you love wearing chunky jewelry, or any jewelry in general then here is the opportunity. Accessories can be nicely paired with any white kurta, just make sure that you wear the right amount of accessories without looking overdone. For example pick a bold neckpiece or a pair of bold earrings at a time instead of wearing everything at one go.

Wear it with a cape– Now different cape style will result in different looks. For example you can pick tone on tone printed cape in white to go with your existing white set. Or choose a contrast single color or printed cape for a bold look.

Go multicolor– Multicolor look is for the ones who really love experimenting with different colors for a single look. And a white kurta can be mixed and matched with any color of your choice for the said reason.

Embroidered jackets-If you don’t know how to wear your embroidered jackets then matching it with a white set will put it to use perfectly.

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