4 Ways To Style An Oversized Button Down Shirt

Shirts are evergreen, and you do not have to think much before wearing them as they come out as our safest bet when nothing else works. But for most of us who love wearing oversized shirts, the styling can become a little tricky. Needless to say that oversized button down shirts have their own charm, but then you should know to wear them properly. Here are a few ways to style your button down shirts to look perfectly gorgeous…..

Tie the hemline into a bow– You can tie the hemline of your shirt into a bow for a stylish look. Don’t forget to tie up your sleeves in a gathered form to add a oomph factor to your look.

Tuck it correctly– Though there are many other ways to tuck in your shirt, but this one seems to go down very well with us as it will stay intact for longer period. A tucked in shirt looks more smart and stylish rather than a loosely left shirt, so do try wearing your shirts this way the next time you pick on one.

Wrap up in style– You don’t have to buy a wrap up shirt when you can create one using your existing shirt. This draping method will ensure that you wear your shirts in a completely different manner the way you wear them now.

Side tuck– A small side tuck on one side will give your shirt a smart look. The belt loops of your denim will come to your rescue to flaunt this style which will definitely look gorgeous when tried.

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