5 Ways To Revamp Your Attire With Tulle Or A net

Net is one fabric which always looks amazing. No matter to what you add it to, it will always look beautiful. Where other fabrics, fail net surely does its job flawlessly. And if you have been looking to work on revamping your old clothes then net will surely come to your rescue. Here are a few ideas…..

Add length to crop top– If you have been wondering as how to increase the length of your crop top then this is how you can do it. Or if you are already bored of wearing the same crop top again and again then using a textured net to revamp its silhouette would be a great idea. Remember the amount of gathers you use at the waist will decide how much flare you get at the bottom.

Use it as a overdress dress– A net dress done with design elements like frill or pleats on the neckline and hemline will certainly go well with a long T-shirt dress. It will add a nice girlish touch to your other wise plain dress. To make the attire more striking use a textured net to make your outfit to stand out.

Add flounce to a straight dress– If you want to revamp the look of your plain straight dress then this is what you should watch out for. Tired style net addition will add a nice flare to your dress. You can decide the length of the dress and work accordingly.

Add length and flare to the skirt– Worrying about a short skirt….well no more as you can revamp its look by adding a textured net to it.

Wear it as a skirt– Your sheath dresses will look more mesmerizing with the addition of a matching net skirt. A small amount of pearl or stone work on the skirt will make this addition more surreal.

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