4 Styling Tips Which Will Make You Look Million Bucks In Bottoms And Top

If you are someone who loves wearing tops and bottoms, then this article is for you. Often some of our silly wardrobe mistakes do not do justice to our expensive picks which is definitely not done. But on the other hand if we follow some simple rules or tricks then the results will be quite pleasing, different and stylish. Have a look and do follow them….

Wear your baggy shirt tucked in– Always wear your shirts tucked in properly. Loosely hanging hemlines will only make you look lethargic and not so smart. Also make sure that you fold your sleeves up nicely or simply gather your sleeves up for a nice confident look.

Check the length of denim– Always wear your denim in a way that it doesn’t touch your footwear, especially when you are wearing boots. Fold the extra length and adjust according to the length of your footwear.

Wear pointed footwear with leggings– If you love wearing leggings then go by this simple rule. Always wear a pointed footwear with leggings, you can pick flats or heels in this shape. Though wearing flats won’t look flattering but still you can definitely choose stuff according to your comfort. On the other hand wearing heels with leggings is a big thumbs up.

Wear heels with a baggy outfit– If you are wearing a loose or a baggy outfit then always remember to pair your attire with a nice pair of heels. It will add length and style to your attire.

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