Follow These Tips To Look Taller In Denims And Trousers

If you are short heighted then one thing which you can do to look tall is to add an illusion to your legs by using simple tips and tricks which make your legs appear longer. With these simple tips you can really put your best foot forward without cribbing about how to look longer. Here they are…..

Wear High Waisted style– If you are a petite size then always remember to create an illusion by faking your legs to look longer. One easiest way to do so is to wear high waisted bottoms which ensures that the legs look long. High waist bottoms add a few extra inches in the overall length creating a longer and taller illusion when you wear it.

Wear Bellbottoms– Bellbottom is an another silhouette which you can wear to make you look taller. You can also leave a few extra inches in the length to solve the purpose. Do not forget to wear platform or regular heels with this style to add up to the look.

Monochrome dressing– If you are short heighted then this one tip will always be your style saviour. Mark our words and you yourself will find the difference in your look. Adding too many distractions like wearing absolute contrasts at the top and the bottom will always kill the look for you. So invest in smart coordinate sets or style your look with monochrome pieces.

Match your shoes– Well if you think that you can wear anything with everything then no….. that is not the case. To look classy you should always watch out for your footwear, as a wrong one can ruin your look completely. Therefore always remember to match your footwear with your denim or trousers. You can also opt to wear a nude shade or a shade closer to the bottom you wear. And do not wear a contrast shade as it will only cut the length out of your look.

Tuck in your tops– When you tuck in your top then the legs look taller than before as there is more space for the legs to be visible.

Wear vertical stripes– Vertical stripes give an illusion of length, therefore its great to invest in one of these kinds. But again do not go for very bold stripes, instead pick ones which are delicate like pin stripes and likewise. Also never wear bold prints as they would not fit in the small frame of the petite size and will make you look totally out of the place.

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