Tricks For Petite Women To Look Taller

Looking tall not only adds to your personality, but also makes you more confident of your looks. And when you look great, it automatically reflects in your confidence right. Now someone gifted with a good height would not understand this, but a petite woman would definitely relate to what we have just spoken. So here are a few tricks which a petite women or a girl can do to look taller…

Go for darker shades– It’s a thumb rule which never goes wrong. If you are petite then the best option is to choose darker shades for yourself. Black being the best color it creates an illusion and makes you look taller instantly. Its also important to pair them with darker shades for the illusion to work at its best, like for instance if you have a black T-shirt or a top then it can be worn with a dark indigo or a black denim but not with an off white or a light blue denim.

Choose prints with smaller motifs– Prints with bigger and bolder motifs or something with too many contrasts with always make you appear shorter. So opt for the prints which are delicate and soft.

Invest in high waist silhouettes– A high waist silhouette will make your legs appear longer, therefore invest in nice high waisted denims and trousers. But do always remember to tuck in your shirts to look taller. Never wear them the opposite way.

Wear vertical stripes– Vertical stripes creates an illusion and makes you look taller instantly. So you can opt for dresses and trouser with vertical stripes which will always be a safe bet.

Long flared bottoms– This sure shot style is something to rely on. Just wear them with high heels and a short top. A length few inches more than your actual height is a good option for the pants, as you need a little margin for the heels to cover it.

Wear short tops– Well the rule is to make your legs appear longer in order to make you look taller. Therefore do not cut down on the length by wearing long length tops. The best length would be something above the hips or sitting just on the hips. Incase if you wish to wear a longer top, then match it with a similar color bottom so that your torso and the legs are not in much contrast. You can also wear a lot of crop tops.

Monochrome dressing– This trick helps a lot, a single color dressing will always make you appear longer rather than cutting the frame by adding too many colors.

Long maxi skirts and dresses– Floor length dresses and skirts add a vertical illusion to the height making you look taller. Make sure that the cut is right and the skirt or the dress sits perfectly over the waistline without making it look bulky.

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