Drape Silk Sarees Like A Dupatta With Regular Lehnga’s And Skirts

Your silk sarees have a charm which can turn any ordinary dress into an extraordinary one. But do you know that they can also be worn as dupatta’s with your regular lehnga sets. And there are many ways and drapes to do so, here are a few….

-All you have to do is to pleat the one end of the saree and tuck it at the left side, and then drape the palla at the front like we normally do with a saree. The remaining portion will be pleated at the back. You can either let the palla fall on its own or open it a bit and pin it slightly at the back for the pleats to spread and show.

-Another cool way to wear it is to drape it like a saree itself but to start wearing it from the side back instead of the front. This way it will look like a saree from the front, but the drape at the back will clearly state that it is actually a dupatta drape. Finish the look by wearing a belt at the waist.

-Now your regular plain skirt and top can get a makeover by using a saree as an additional drape for the dress. For this start tucking the saree from where you start the pleats and then drape it in a regular seedha palla style. Keep the palla as is or tuck the one end into your skirt for the pleats to spread. You can try this style with your regular skirt and a crop top.

-And you can do the same drape with a printed skirt and in a regular back palla style.

-You can also take the palla in a cross style or a shawl style which is a cool way to keep you covered in case if you are wearing the same during the winters.

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