How To Wear Shawls In Style With The Sarees

A shawl is a perfect winter accessory which not only keeps you warm, but also adds up to the style quotient if you wear it nicely. But are you aware that there are so many ways to style your shawl with your sarees. If not, then go through this article and do watch the video at the end….So next time do not ditch this super stylish accessory thinking that it is meant only for the elderly. Well it is actually upto you how you wear it.

Embroidered Velvet shawl– An embroidered shawl in velvet is a perfect thing to have for winters. You can match it up with any ethnic wear like a kurta or a saree and it will look just fabulous. Drape it over one shoulder like this for a picture perfect look. You can get few shawls done like this from your local boutique and use basic colors like maroon, black, gold for the base colors, so that they are easy to match up with most of the things.

Over the arms– You can also drape it casually over both the arms, this style goes perfectly with the sarees having blouse in a different style as it allows the blouse to be visible rather than covering it fully.

The cape drape– The traditional cape drape is a good style for the plain border sarees. You can either match such sarees with a heavy embroidered shawls, or just get a delicately embroidered shawl in the same color to go with the saree.


This video teaches you how to wear your regular shawl with the saree and too in 5 different ways…..try them the next time you plan to wear a saree.


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