These Accessories In Animal Prints Will Make Your Everyday Look Notable Like Never Before

In our previous article we discussed how animal prints are here to stay for sometime. This trend is so much in fashion that most of the stores and online websites are already offering numerous styles in them. Also Bollywood is already seen making the most of this trend as many actors are wearing it in some or the other way these days. But if you feel that this trend is too much for you to wear it as a full attire then why not accessorize your daily wear with accessories in animal print. How, well this is how you can do it….

Scarf– If you like wearing scarfs then give your collection a fresh look by adding a few animal print patterns. These scarfs look chic and are high on style and will definitely lift up the spirit of any attire which you wear. Remember to wear tone on tone prints or solid color to match this accessory, as too many colors or prints will take away its charm and it will fail to impress at last.

Footwear– Investing in an animal print footwear would be a right purchase if you ask us. Even if the trend fades away, you still would be able to wear it as they look great and can be worn with neutral color clothing to jazz them up a little bit.

Handbag or a clutch–  A big clutch or an envelope purse or a handbag is a great idea to use to try this trend.

Use more than one accessory– And if you want to go a little bolder but in a minimal way, then try using a scarf and the heels both done in an animal print. Just remember to follow the same old rule of not distracting the look with too many colors and patterns.

Hair accessory– Use animal print hair accessories like bandana, hairbands, hair clips etc to match your everyday dressing. Believe us its a cool and a fun way to try this trend.

Sunglasses– How cool are these sunglasses, well you don’t need flashy clothes or expensive accessories to look good if you have this one piece in your wardrobe. It alone can make you stand out from the rest.

Nail art– And if you are not sure about the accessories then try an animal print nail art, its great as a style and will make your hands look prettier than never before. This style done with a dose of gold will make it look more prominent and chic.

Also here is a video which will show you how to wear animal prints in a classy way…..

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