Take Care Of Handbags With These Simple Tips

Handbags are precious to every girl but keeping them new for long is a great task.

Here are few tips which will help you to do so….

Handbag liner– They will be a great saver if you really wish to keep the handbag spill and smell free. Also they help in organizing the stuff in a better way. The moment you have to change the bag just pick the liner and shift it to another one without organizing everything every time you change bags. To know more about purse organizers watch this video

Use different pouches– Its very necessary to maintain hygiene of a hand bag as it holds so many of our belongings. Plus you won’t want to put your hands inside a dirty, smelly handbag. Therefore segregate and store different stuff in different pouches, like the cosmetic can go in one pouch and other things in an another one. This way it will be easier for you to find things inside the bag and it will also help in keeping the lining clean. Pouches are great to hold liquid stuff otherwise a simple liner would also do the trick.

Use Dust bags– Branded handbags come with dust bags, and should be idly used if you want to keep your bag dust and stain free. Bag generally attracts dust particles which makes them look stained and old after a period of time. Sometimes after a use we forget to keep them safely and by the time we have to use it next they already become a mess, therefore make it a habit to keep them safely inside the bag after every use. If you have lost one then need not worry you can also use a pillow cover instead of the dust cover.

Maintain the shape– Bags loose their shape easily and especially the larger ones, as they need more attention. Maintaining their shape not only makes them look new but also prevents them from developing unnecessary creases. Therefore make it a habit to stuff your bag with something or the other to maintain its shape. But also refrain from over stuffing the bag as this too ruins the actual shape of the bag.

Store them properlyHow you store the bags decides for how long it will stay with you. Dedicate a separate section in your wardrobe where you can keep the bags flat. This way they won’t loose their shape, also do not pile or overcrowd them at one place. You can also buy container boxes to store them properly.

Take care of leather– Since its the most delicate material in terms of the usage and care, research for a good rain and stain repellent which will save your bag from the moisture in rainy days. A good leather cleaner or an all leather protectant spray and a conditioner will make sure that your bag stays with you for a long time.Also since it cracks easily make sure that you store them properly.

Do not store bags in plasticPlastic doesn’t breathe and therefore harms the bags when stored in it. It traps in the moisture which can result in mold eruption. Therefore trust only cloth bags for storing the stuff.

Cover embellishments– If you have a fancy handbag with beautiful embroidery or metallic embellishments over it, then you will have to cover them all before storing it. You can do it by placing a butter paper or a paper napkin over it so that it doesn’t gets entangled with the dust bag.

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