Take Care Of Leather Handbags With These Easy Tips

Leather is one thing which needs a lot of care and regular attention in terms of cleaning and storage. You cannot keep your leather handbags just like that. Unlike other materials, bags made with leather call for special attention to last longer. Here are a few tips which you can follow to keep your leather bags look new forever……

Don’t hang it– Many of us have the habit of hanging bags, but same cannot be done with leather. Hanging your leather bags might create a pressure on the silhouette by making the leather stretch and pull and it might loose its structure or silhouette in a long run. Best is to make your bags sit on a flat surface.

Keep them away from moisture– Leather is one thing which you really have to avoid from getting wet as it can easily build up mold and fungus. Avoid keeping your leather bag in a humid area as it will really cut on its life.

Stay away from heat– Yes, too much of sunlight or heat can make your leather surface to crack. Once this happens your bag will further start loosing its shape and its hard to get the creases off then. Sunlight can also make the leather discolor, so its best to stay away from it.

Let it breath– Do not cover your leather bags with poly bags, no not at all. Leather needs to breathe and its best to keep them as is in a neat and clean humid free space or you can also use undyed natural cloth bags to cover them.

Clean gently– Using a liquid soap mixed in water is the best thing to use for cleaning your leather bag. use a very soft cloth to do so. Dip the cloth in soap mix and gently clean the leather without scratching it too much. Once done use a clean soft fabric dipped in clean water to get rid of all the soapy elements off your bag. Pat dry the bag and let the bag dry naturally. Remember not to clean them too often and do it only when required.

Use leather care products– Many items like leather cream, leather protector and so on are available in market. But every leather is different and depending on the type of leather you can choose these products.

Image reference- Photo by Trình Minh Thư on Unsplash (free for commercial use), Original source

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