The Leather Hook Up

Nowadays Leather is so much in fashion that we can see it being used for garments, footwear, trims as well as for clutches and bags too. Gone are the days when leather was used without any ornamentation on it. Now it is the most versatile material, which can be embroidered and embellished in so many different ways. Different types of leather with different finishing’s is being used to enhance the look of the product, like Suede, embossed, patent etc. Nowadays designs made from laser cutting are also very much in fashion.
Although the embroidered clutches and bags can be done in every fabric but the embroidery done on leather looks appealing, trendy and chic. But you have to be a little careful with them as if stained you cannot use water to wipe them. They should be protected from moisture too. But different cleaning agents are available in the market to take care of this part.
Mix and match of different fabrics always brings out the best in the product if they are used properly. Likewise Leather too can be used with other different materials and fabrics like canvas, silk, linen etc. to give a beautiful mix and match effect which further enhances the appeal of the product.
Macramé is also a very well known technique in which stripes of leather is used to create different knotting techniques.

A mix of Suede leather and embroidered silk

Multicolor Hand embroidery on leather

Laser cut design

Metallic studs embroidery on leather

Embossed leather

Beaded & mirror hand embroidery on Suede leather

Fringed Suede Bag

Leather Macramé’ clutch

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