How to care for leather

Leather care tips which you can follow to make your leather products last longer

Though leather is a very durable material but it also gets spoiled easily. If you don’t take good care of it, then the leather won’t last for long and will even attract dirt and fungus. To make your leather items last longer follow these simple steps….

Cleaning– Always clean leather items (excluding suede) with a simple damp cloth. Make sure to squeeze out all the excess water from the wash cloth before using it on leather. Also be very gentle while cleaning leather and avoid rubbing and cleaning at the same spot again and again. Doing so will change its color drastically and you might find a slight discoloration at such spots.

Do not use chemical cleaners-Never use detergent for cleaning leather. Those harsh chemicals will destroy the natural oils present in the leather which will result in drying of leather. Once it dries the leather surface will start cracking easily.

Dry leather naturally– Never use dryer to dry out a damp leather. You should also keep it out of bright sunlight and heat. Reason being, high temperature can make the leather to crack and ruin. It’s best to let the leather dry out naturally at room temperature.

Keep it away from moisture– Moisture is the biggest enemy of leather and leather products. If your leather product traps in moisture then it will attract milddew and fungus which will be really hard for you to treat afterwards. So its best to keep leather away from water and damp places.

Proper ventilation is a must– Store leather in a cupboard which is clean and dry. And do not use plastic covers over them. Leather needs proper ventilation to survive and last longer.

Invest in a good leather conditioner– There are several of these conditioner and creams available in the market which are basically meant to treat dryness in leather. These products also provide a shine to the leather surface. Do treat your leather products with these conditioning creams for them to avoid cracking.

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