Salsa Recipes Which Go Perfectly With Nachos And Chips

Salsa is one of the best companion of chips, wafers and nachos. It is especially loved by those who love having spicy and tangy flavors. But do you know that you can make salsa in so many different ways. Here is the recipe…

Mango salsa– Cut mangoes in cubes and take them all in a bowl. To it add chopped vegetables like red bellpepper, onion, jalepeno or green chilli and cilantro. Sprinkle fresh lemon juice and salt for a tangy flavor and give everything a mix. But make this recipe or assemble everything only when you are ready to serve, or else the mangoes used in the salsa would go soggy quickly.

Onion tomato salsa– If you are looking for something really spicy, then this recipe is for you. Finely chop onions, garlic, some ripe tomatoes, green chilli and crush them nicely with the help of a pav bhaji masher. You can also coarsely pulse this salsa mix for a few seconds in a mortar. Once it becomes all mushy and roughly blended, transfer it into a bowl and add salt, lemon juice, finely chopped cilantro leaves and coarsely grounded peppercorns.

Strawberry salsa– Add chopped strawberries, onion, basil and mint leaves and some green chillies in a hand chopper and chop it for a few seconds. Once done transfer it to a bowl and add salt, crushed black peppercorns and lime juice.

Pineapple salsa-Repeat the mango salsa recipe with pineapple and it will taste awesome. You can also add boiled corn to this recipe.

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