5 Last Minute Party Snack Ideas

Have a party at home in the evening and wondering what all you can quickly serve to your guests. Well have a look at these quick and easy party snack ideas which you can make side by side…..

Eggs with a twist– Boil eggs and once they cool, peel them and take out the yoke part in a bowl. Mash them with the help of a folk and add plain or mint mayo, mustard, salt and pepper and mix nicely. Now with the help of a cone fill the eggs with this filling and garnish with bell pepper, tomato and cilantro leaves.

Grapes bites– Melt peanut butter or chocolate in a double boiler. In the meanwhile keep crushed crackers or peanuts ready in a plate. Now simply use a toothpick to hold the grapes and dip them in hot melted thing one by one. As soon as you take them out make sure to roll them slightly into the crushed peanuts or crackers.

Cucumber bites– Slice cucumber into thick slices and cut paneer or processed cheese of your choice into cubes. Add a tsp of olive oil to cheery tomatoes and olives and keep them aside. Now skew everything into a toothpick like in the picture.

Cowboy caviar– Salsa is a very well companion of nachos and chips. But to make your snacks unique try cowboy caviar instead. Simply use veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, corn, bell-pepper, capsicum and red beans to make this cheesy recipe. You can simply stem bellpepper and corn a bit before using them into this recipe. And simply add dressing of your choice to the veggies, like vinegar olive oil one. To give the salad a cheesy flavor add mayonnaise, sour cream or greek curd and grated cheese of your choice.

Toast pizza– Get a garlic bread from market and spread some butter on both the sides of the bread. In a bowl add the veggies which you have at home like broccoli, corn, bell pepper, capsicum, onion, olive and add very little mayonnaise or sandwich spread, just to bind everything together. Mix well and spread over each bread. Sprinkle grated cheese and bake it in oven or microwave.

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