2 Macroni Salad Recipes To Try This Summer

Macroni is loved by everyone! Be it adults or children, who doesn’t love to have it. But the greatest of all the macroni recipes is the Macroni salad as you can trick your young ones (and even the older ones who are as good as your younger ones) by adding veggies and fruits to the salad. Also since this recipe is creamy and light to taste therefore it goes perfectly with the taste buds of everyone.

Egg Macroni salad– In a bowl prepare salad dressing by adding full fat hung curd, mayonnaise, mustard paste(according to the taste), vinegar, honey, salt and pepper. Mix everything and keep aside. Now in an another bowl add the salad ingredients like boiled and drained macroni, red onion, carrot, colorful bellpepper or capsicum, hard boiled and chopped eggs, parsley or finely chopped fresh coriander leaves. To this add the dressing and toss and mix everything nicely and keep it in fridge and serve cool. You can add a bit of paparika or red chilli powder or even peri peri for a spicy twist.

Sweet macroni salad– Add diced apples (preferably with the peel on), grapes, pineapple, black and green olives, boiled corn and peas, cucumber, red onion, bellpeper, salad leaves, lettuce, macroni in a bowl. In an another bowl prepare salad dressing by adding mayonnaise, olive oil, bit of salt, some sugar, pepper and a bit of vinegar. Mix everything nicely and pour it to the salad prepared. Mix everything and serve cool. You can also add a few tsp of milk to your salad to help it to remain fresh and creamy for long. You can also add canned cocktail fruit mix to this salad and it will taste like heaven. If you like your salad to be on much sweeter side then do not forget to add a bit of condensed milk before serving as adding sugar before can make your fruits and veggies to sweat out which will make your salad a little runny.

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