4 Easy And Quick Salad Recipes For Your Christmas Gettogether

If you have planned a last minute Christmas party at home then you must be searching for some quick and easy recipes to try out for your party. Well this article will share a few last minute salad recipes which you can easily prepare at home and that too without a mess and fuss.

Tomato and mozzarella– A simple mix of just two ingredients will make up for an excellent fresh salad for your guests. Cut mozzarella and fresh tomato into thick slices and place them like a Christmas stick next to each other. You can also place some freshly baked bread and salad dressing on the board.

Cucumber and cheese– Cucumber and cheese are everyone’s favorite as they have a smooth flavor and are great in taste. Use cream cheese on top of the cucumber slices and place half a cheery tomato on the top of it. Arrange everything in a shape of a Christmas tree and its done.

Christmas tree cheese board– Its Christmas party, so serving a cheese board is mandatory right. Well prepare one for your guests by arranging all the ingredients in a shape of a Christmas tree. You can use olives, grapes, kiwi etc. to go with the different variety of cheese you serve on the plate.

Broccoli salad– You can also create something on the similar lines using steamed and marinated broccoli. Add cherry tomatoes and some bellpepper to create color contrast.

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