6 Party Snacks Which Are Healthy And Quick To Make

When you don’t have much time to cook, or when your guests are coming without a prior notice then you need to look out for some easy to make and quick recipes. And these snack recipes are perfect to host a party with healthy snack options.

Marinated cheese and olives– Who would say no to this combination. Marinate everything in olive oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, chili flakes and a bit of honey or sugar. You can also add a few fresh basil leaves to this recipe. To make the recipe healthy you can replace the cheese with paneer.

Zucchini pizza bites– Health conscious people will love this version of pizza. You can use zucchini slices as pizza base and use the toppings according to your wish.

Cucumber bites– Simple cucumber slices with a topping of cream cheese and cut tomatoes will be simply delicious to serve.

Veggie delight– Cut vegetables like carrot, cucumber, celery, radish can all be served like this. Add dressing to a shot glass and fill the glass with veggie sticks.

Fruit sticks– Strawberry and pineapple can be served like this. If you want to cut them in shapes then use a cookie cutter or simply cut them with the help of a knife.

Tomato mozzarella sticks– This combination is paradise for mozzarella lovers. Do marinate tomato and mozzarella before serving or they will taste a bit dry.

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