Easy Cucumber Salad Recipes

Cucumber is one of the healthiest option for a simple salad. Its refreshing, tasty and most importantly its easily available. Also it goes with other salad ingredients and is easy on stomach. Here are few easy cucumber salad recipes….

Hungarian Onion and cucumber salad– Slice Onions and cucumber, sprinkle some olive oil, salt, pepper, and white vinegar. You can also substitute white vinegar with fresh lime juice. Add fresh dil leaves for a nice aroma and a great taste.


Creamy Cucumber Onion Salad– Thinly Slice cucumber and sweet onion, you can cover it with a cling film and store it in the fridge for couple of hours way before you want to serve it. This is a great help when you have guests coming in and you want to serve them something fresh. Take mayonnaise and add vinegar, black pepper and dill leaves. If you like basil then substitute dil leaves with basil leaves. Sugar and ginger powder are optional. Whisk nicely and mix cucumber and onions into this and refrigerate. If you are calorie conscious then mayonnaise can be substituted with Greek yogurt for a health option. Add tomatoes too for a tangy flavor.

Wasabi Cucumber Sesame salad– Mix Wasabi powder with water, let it sit for 5 minutes.  Add rice vinegar, sugar and soy sauce to it. Mix well until everything dissolves completely. Add it to sliced cucumber. Sprinkle roasted white seasome seeds for a crunchy flavor.

Cilantro Lime Cucumber Salad– Add cucumber, jalapenos, garlic cloves in a bowl. Now add olive oil, pepper, salt, lime juice and red pepper. Mix and have it fresh.

Tangy and Spicy Asian salad– Mix Cucumber and garlic cloves, now add olive oil and a little bit of red chili oil. Mix salt, roasted seasome seeds, a little bit of powdered sugar and top it with a dash of apple cider vinegar.



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