Cucumber Bites: 6 Healthy Party Snacks Ideas

Party snacks can be healthy….yes you heard it right. If you make a few basic changes to your ingredients than a lot can be done. And what can be better than using fresh cucumbers to make yummy party bites. Here are a few delicious cucumber bites ideas…

Cucumber Yogurt Bites– Cut the cucumbers in thick slices and use creamy hung curd over them. You can use little bit of salt, pepper and other herbs to spice up the curd. Place a piece of tomato on the top for garnishing.

Cucumber Veggie bites– To make dressing you can either take hung curd or use sour cream and use chopped vegetables like onion, corn, capsicum etc. to mix in it. Use this mix to make your simple cucumber slices taste like heaven. Garnish with tomato slice and dill leaves.

Cucumber and cheese bites– In a bowl take olive oil, honey, chili flakes, sea salt and a bit of onion juice or rice vinegar. Mix everything nicely and dip olives, tomatoes and cheese in this mix for 5-10 minutes. Now use a toothpick to arrange everything together and enjoy this delicious and healthy snack. To make these bites more healthy replace processed cheese with cottage cheese or paneer.

Cucumber pickle bites– Cucumbers and pickles go deliciously together. Now you know how to use them.

Cucumber chickpea bites– This recipe will definitely give your Indian taste buds a treat. Use boiled and spiced chickpea in this recipe. Now place the cucumber slice on a plate and pour southwest sauce, mint chutney, spiced chickpea and chopped fresh greens on the top. You can also try using aloo bhujiya and chopped onion for ganishing.

Cucumber Hummus bites– You can also replace yogurt and sour cream with a healthier option like hummus. Cucumber, hummus and a few roasted nuts give this recipe a nice nutty flavor.

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