Different Ways To Make Your Salad Look Presentable

Preparing a good salad might not be so difficult, but presenting it in a good way is way more difficult. Someone has said this correctly that when you present a dish in a presentable way, then half of your work is done. And this is how to make your salads look more presentable….

Vegetable plate– You can serve the cut veggies in a large plate. Put the dip plate at the center and serve cut veggies like carrots, cucumbers, celery, cherry tomatoes, capsicum etc. all around the center plate and it will look awesome.

Veggie cups– You can take help of small transplant glasses to serve the salad. Even the shot glasses can be used for this purpose. Fill the glass half or 1/4th with a dip of your choice, and then just fill the glass with veggie sticks.

Champagne glasses– You can also serve leafy salad with a piece of soup stick or any other cocktail snack. To do so, just use a champagne glass and this instant salad will be a hit with your guests.

Mason jars– You can also take help of the mason jars to create your own salad jar. Fill the jar 1/4th with a dip of your choice and then arrange all the veggies like corn, olives, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, salad leaves etc in the jar. Add a bit of grated cheese and just put a lid on them. You can also skip the dip and go for a basic salad dressing instead.

Muffin tray– The most easiest way to serve a salad is to put different cut veggies in a muffin tray. The best way would be to slice the veggies and keep them in different moulds. The remaining moulds can be used to serve the dips.

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