Easy Lohri Decor Ideas

Happy Lohri to all our readers…..

So if you have been planning on a last minute Lohri party, then we have a few ides for you which can really help you achieve the real vibe of the festival. Here they are….

Tree decor– If you have trees in your garden or at the entrance of the home, then you can probably add a few marigold flower strands to it. You can also wind colorful cloth pieces or dupatta’s around the branches along with some fairy lights.

Decorate the fire place– Since its a festival in which fire is considered auspicious, therefore its better to make the fire place a little special for your guests. You can decorate the fireplace with rocks, pebbles, flowers and even with different Rangoli colors.

Use a traditional seating arrangement– This kind of a seating arrangement where traditional khaat and stools are used looks quite apt and impressive for the festival decor.

Share happiness with favors– A little favor stall or a dedicated corner for your guests will make your guests really happy. It will be quite engaging for your guests to choose things for themselves, and will also be a super fun activity to pass the time constructively.

Miniature bonfire– You can also create these super fun miniatures with the help of a few wooden sticks and fairy lights.

Fairy lights– These lights will light up your entrance, party place and even your entire house for the festival.

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