This Diwali Decorate Home With These Easy Flower Decor Ideas

Flower decoration is one of the best kind of decoration for any festival. And Diwali around the corner, here are a few ideas which you can use at home for a quick and fuss free decoration.

Use whole flowers– If you have a flower pot on the table or a showpiece standing at the corner of the home, then you can make an arrangement with whole flowers like this. Using different color of flowers will make the combination look more alive, but a single color arrangement will look great too.

Decorate with flower petals– Flower petals of rose, marigold and other flowers can be used to create a quick and easy rangoli on your table top. If you have colorful tea light holders and lamps then place them next to this setup. You can also use half of this pattern to create borders.

Marigold strings– Strings of marigold can be used directly to create beautiful and interesting patterns like this. You can use petals of different flowers to fill the gap in between.

Use Urili– Traditional Urili or any other vessel available at home can serve as a perfect base for a set up like this. Just fill it up with water and float flowers and floating candles on the top. You can place this setup at the entrance of the house.

Image reference- Pinterest

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