4 Ways To Decorate Home With Artificial Lotus Flowers

Artificial lotus flowers look beautiful and are easily available in market. They are so good to decorate any space and since the festive season is here, its the best time to dig into a few ideas to decorate home with these beautiful elements.

Real flowers– Make a water pond by filling any wide pan with water. Now throw in some colorful real flowers like marigold, rose etc. in it and place the lotus flower at the center. You can also use petals instead of using whole flowers.

Use candles– You can also arrange a few lotus flowers in a bowl of water and place a tall candle in between. Choose a single color for this arrangement or pick totally contrasts things, the choice is yours. Do remember to create a bed of small rocks or pebbles at the bottom to make it look more natural.

Use them in bunches– This arrangement would look amazing on the entrance of your home or in your garden. Arrange a lot of these flowers at one place and they will look super super impressive. To give a real feel spray water over them, those tiny water droplets will give the entire thing a real feel.

Pooja decor– You can also use these beautiful flowers to decorate your pooja space. Use the best of creativity to do so and you will be amazed to see the results.

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