7 Ways To Use Fresh Flowers For Navratri Home Decor

Water Rangoli is one of the best idea when you want to use fresh flowers for home decor. This Navratri use these ideas to make your home smell great. And needless to say that they are a treat to eyes making you feel fresh and happy when you look at them.

Random Flowers– Take whatever you have in your garden and gently place them in water randomly. You don’t need to be specific with the pattern or the flowers, as when everything will be put together they will look beautiful. The best thing is that you can create this in just like seconds.

Mix it up– If you are short on fresh flowers then try mixing it up with a few artificial flowers, like those small lotus stuff that we get in market. You can also place a few candles to highlight the rangoli.

Glass arrangement– You can also use simple glasses or flower vase to create a flower arrangement. Put the entire stick of the flower in the glass and stick a small tape at the bottom. Now fill the entire glass with water. Arrange three or four glasses like this and they will look wonderful.

Use leaves– You can also use leaves with your water rangoli. Don’t underestimate the power of these beautiful little leaves. They give a bright powerful punch to the rangoli.

Use pebbles– If you have little amount of fresh flowers and the vessel which you pick is big, then try using a few decorative items like rocks and pebbles. Fill them at the bottom and float your fresh flowers at the top.

Go simple– You can create beautiful and simple patterns even with limited resources and they look simply awesome. So even if you have few flowers it will still work.

Use rose rose petals– You can also try filling up the top with petals of flowers. Combine it up with small whole flowers like jasmine. Easy isn’t it.

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