Floral Bun Ideas Adorned With Real Rose Petals

Using whole real flowers for the bun is very common, but have you seen the designs done with rose petals. Rose petals can be used as is, or can be matched with some other flowers as well. Here are a few design ideas….

Glitter lookRose petals look more beautiful when they are highlighted with golden glitter. So if you are wearing a gold embroidered attire then this would be the best way to match your hairstyle with your embroidery style.

Match it up with gajra– You can also pair rose petals with normal gajra and use pearl pins to intact them to the bun.

Hair accessories– Use small floral hair pins to pin the rose petals. Or otherwise you can also use real white flowers instead of the artificial ones.

Skip the gajra– Want to skip the traditional gajra, well use the other floral stuff to finish the bun look.

Mix with whole flowers– To give a distinctive look to your bun, you can use whole rose flowers or any other flower with the rose petals.

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