5 Ways To Ornate A Bun With Fresh Flowers If You Are A Mother Of The Bride Or The Groom

Bun is the most graceful hairstyle when it comes to having a fuss free hairstyle. And if you are the mother of the bride or the groom then who else would understand the need of a fuss and mess free hairstyle. Well but there are so many ways to make your bun look super gorgeous and here are a few of them….

Simple gajra– A simple gajra made of mogra flowers and rose petals is a great way to beautify your bun. Its a perfect thing for those who do not wish to wear something gaudy.

Rose with a touch of white– Rose flowers can also be combined with baby’s breath flowers for a nice pink and white look. The addition of these small white flowers add a fresh look to the flower arrangement on the bun.

Use jewelry pieces– Small jewelry pieces can also be used to add a traditional touch to your bun. Hair accessories like traditional bun pins, or earrings which have bun accessories attach to it can be used along with the floral arrangement on the bun.

Floral jaaliFloral jaali is another awesome thing to explore. It looks so elegant and graceful that anybody can easily fall in love with it.

Contemporary look– An abstract arrangement of flowers is something which never fails to impress as its not so commonly used.

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