6 Ways To Ornate Bridal Hairstyle With Plaits

If you are thinking of going for a braided plait hairstyle for one of your wedding functions, then we have some really interesting ideas for you. These traditional hair accessories will make sure that your simple plaited hair looks Instagram worthy for the occasion

Jadai Billai– Sonam kapoor hair accessory which she wore to Cannes film festival is nothing less than a treasure in itself. Her plaited hair looked million dollars with the addition of a silver and pearl hair jewelry which covered the entire plait completely.

Parandi style– Parandi is a traditional hair accessory which is used with a plaited hair. You can go for the ones which have dramatic ends like this one, and top it up with a hair jewellery piece at the top. You can also go for colored versions of parandi.

Go for single jewellery pieces– If you want to keep it simple then going for a bold single piece jewellery is the best idea.

Multi pieces– And if a single piece doesn’t satisfies you then you can use three four single pieces to ornate your braid.

Gajra– This needs no introduction, remember how Soonam Kapoor used mogra strings to ornate her plait on her Mehndi function.

Fresh Flowers Floral jaali– Floral jali made of fresh flowers is another great pick to decorate the plait.

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