6 Gajra Styles For Plaited Hair

Whenever we choose a traditional outfit to wear for a function the second thought which comes to mind is like ‘so what about the hairstyle’! And the ones who just love gajras are always seeking for an opportunity to wear them. But the same old style is boring and so we have a few inspirational pictures and styles for you which you can try next time you plan to wear ethnic wear…

The half gajra style– Planning to do a plait, this is how you can make this simple hairstyle look more gorgeous. Bring the gajra from the back of the plait and secure with a bun pin on both the ends. Small mogra flowers can be used to highlight the plait.

Double layer– One interesting way to wear a gajra is to layer it, use two strands of gajra and layer them like in the picture. You can even add one more layer if you wish to, to make it look more voluminous.

Criss cross pattern– You can go for a criss cross pattern all over the plait like this. Just make sure that the gajra strands are thick and are made up of multiple flowers otherwise the single flower thin threads will not give this effect. You can also use a bun accessory which has side pearl details to make it look more appealing.

Add a few pastel flowers– The same plait style can be done with a single flower gajra strand but instead of a bun accessory you can go for pastel color flowers which go perfectly with the white mogra flowers.

Use different flowers– You can also use a bunch of different white and pastel flowers on the top like this and continue with the criss cross gajra style for the plait.

The side plait– This interesting hairstyle looks more appealing with the addition of mogra flowers in the same pattern.

Image reference- Pinterest

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