11 Bun Hairstyles Which You Can Ornate With A Gajra

Bun hairstyle and gajra go side by side when it comes to ethnic dressing. Gajra made of mogra flowers has its own charm which adds elegance to the person who wears it. Here are a few gajra styles to try with a bun…

Front Puff with bun– If you want a little volume at the front then go for a puff style which will add length to your face. A bun at the back, ornamented with a full round gajra will make up for a pretty traditional look.

Overlapped style– A normal twisted gajra bun hairstyle looks more interesting with overlapped side fringes.

Go for full cover– You can also go for a style like this where the full bun can be covered with the mogra flowers or gajra. How you style your front and rest of the hair depends upon the kind of look you want. For example you can go with the front puff, or middle parting or even with the side twists.

Front parting– One of the most authentical traditional gajra hairstyle is this one, the one with a middle parting where the bun is low lying and done with the gajra all around.

Side parting– Go for side parting to add a little volume on the front.

Half gajra– You can also go with the half gajra style, instead of going for the full ones.

Use hair jewellery- Well you can combine traditional hair jewellery pieces along with your gajra hairstyle. Addition of a jewellery will make the hairstyle more prominent.

Messy bun– A modern super messy bun with an addition of a traditional gajra is a thing to watch out for.

Netted gajra bun– You can also use a fresh flower netted bun cover along with the gajra.

Mix and match flowers– You can also add colors to your bun by using different flowers along with the traditional white gajra.

Bottom gajra style– You can also go for gajra style which just covers the bottom half of your hairstyle like this.

Image reference- Pinterest

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