Gajra Bun Hairstyle’s Which Go Perfectly With A Saree

Saree and bun gajra hairstyle go very well together. If you want a classic traditional look for any occasion, then this combination will never disappoint you. But there are several ways to achieve this look, and here are a few of them….

Middle parting– This is a classic traditional look. Simply make a back bun with a middle parting and use gajra over the bun.

Puff Braiding– We all know about so many braiding hairstyle’s, but if you want to add a puff or volume at the front, then go for the braiding styles which are combined with a side parting instead of the middle ones. Side parting will add a good amount of volume to the hairstyle.

Double braiding-Single braiding is common but how about going for a double braiding style. Do try it next time.

Front puff– Front puff too looks great with a back bun hairstyle. You can use gajra made up of colorful flowers as a hair jewellery.

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