5 Hairstyle Ideas For Your Haldi Ceremony

Haldi is one of the most auspicious tradition for the bride. And needless to say that the new age brides do plan everything in advance, from makeup to garments and hair, everything is planned. Even if it means that while applying haldi everything will become a mess. But that mess is the best capture for any bride. So in this article we have a few hairstyle ideas for our brides to be, who want to look picture perfect for every occasion…

Side parting with one sided braid– You just need to create a little bit of puff on both sides of the parting to give a little volume to the hair. Side parting does a great job if you want to use tika as an accessory. Braid the entire length of the hair onto one side and use real flowers to decorate the braid.

Front braiding– A very simple hairstyle which you probably must have done on regular days too. But when you are not hiring a hairstylist for the event, then this style is a picture perfect thing which will keep your hair at place and look awesome too.

Go with a bun– Tying your hair in a bun will ensure that your hair stays at place, so you won’t have to adjust your hairstyle everytime it goes out of the place. And do use a garjra made of marigold flowers as they are perfect for a haldi ceremony.

Bun with side flowers– You can also use big and small flowers on one side of the bun to give a little modern touch to your bun.

Braid with flower string– Ever since Soonam Kapoor wore this style it has become one of the favorite hairstyle amongst the brides. All you need is a string of flower which you can just pin at the top, and then just twist from one end to the other.

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