Taking Inspiration From Sonam Kapoor’s Hairstyle

Sonam Kapoor is surely one of the most stylist actress of Bollywood presently. She carries Indian wear with the same charm as she styles her western wear looks. Her love for sarees is quite known to all of us, but her awesome sense of styling her look through different hairstyles and jewelry is awesome. Here are few of her hairstyles which you can try for yourself  with a saree for a complete diva look.

Side puff with loose hair– Almost all of us started trying this look after seeing her. The puff done on both the sides is tucked nicely at the back, and gives a volume to the hair. The remaining hair is left loose at the back. Slight curls definitely lifts up the spirit of the entire look. Keep the hair at front on one side and you are ready.


Front Braid and loose hair– We are quite aware of front braiding techniques, but half of the girls tried it after seeing it on her. A very nice style to keep your hair at place and creating a texture naturally through braiding. Side parting are done into a loose braid which goes through the sides and ends at the back, where it is cleaning tucked inside the loose hair, rather than fastening it over the hair, making it visibly appealing.


Clean Back Bun with side parting– A very conventional style but never fails to impress with the right kind of styling. Sonam is here seen in a back bun with side parting.


Back Bun with front puff and side parting– Side parted hair, here is cleaning done into puffs at both the sides, and finally completed with a bun at the back.


Simple Puff with loose hair– Simply pull the hair towards backwards and pin it up creating a little volume at front, leave the hair open like in the picture. Easy, Elegant and simple.


Pulled up back– A simple hairstyle from daily routine but looks gorgeous on her. Pull the hair cleanly at the back and tie it up there, and you are done. Goes nicely with modern day contemporary saree designs.


The Gajra style– How we love Gajras… Well middle parting is done and side braids are cleanly done till the upper back, finally the remaining hair is also taken into the same braids and extended over till the end and tied into a bun. Finally highlighted with gajra in Mogra flowers.


loose bun with middle parting– Simple bun style with a middle parting, and hair held loosely and tied into a bun at the back.


Ponytail Braiding – Middle parting and the long hair are just braided into a ponytail at one side.


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