Pixie Cut Hairstyles

A Pixie cut is a short hairstyle and is generally short on the back and sides of the head, and slightly longer on the top. In 1950 when Audrey Hepburn wore it for her debut film Roman Holiday, it became an instant hit. Since then it has been in the fashion scene, and many popular actors like Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway have been seen flaunting it too. Here are few versions of this very popular style….

Long pixie cut– A very feminine cut in short hairstyles,and has longer fringes at the sides than the regular pixie style. If you are chopping off your long locks for the first time, and want to try something short, then this would be perfect for you.

Short Pixie– A short pixie style is equally popular if you want a really short hairstyle. Many actress can be seen sporting this style.

Curly Pixie style– It looks great on curly hair too. So if you have curly hair and think that short hair looks good only on straight hair, then this is not true. You can easily go for this style.

Braided– Well don’t worry if you want to do braiding with your short hair. Braiding looks awesome on pixie style and can be easily done.

Shaved Pixie Style– We have seen the shaved style on boys, but now its a fashionable cut for women too. It has different variations like side asymmetric shaved, undercut(bottom half shaved). Choose what you are comfortable with. For beginners undercut style is good to go with.

Asymmetric Pixie Hairstyle-If you want to try something irregular, then a asymmetric pixie cut can be tried. This style has longer hair on one side and short hair on the other side.

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