Styling Hair With A Head Band

Hair accessories are very much in fashion and is a must have too.

There are so many varieties available but when it comes to using something easily, a headband tops the list.

Designer hairbands not only look nice but also add a personal touch to the hairstyle.

They are simple to use and when paired with different hairstyles look great as well.

Here are few hairstyles which can be paired with headbands, so try them for the next party.

Asymmetric hair band– A simple hair band makes any hairstyle look gorgeous. You can pick up a material in brass or silver or the more decorative one’s with swarovski and jerkins. Opt for a asymmetric design which ends halfway through rather than a simple full one. A romantic hairstyle like this one with a side bun is all you need to flaunt it.

Pair it with open hair– One of the best possible way to accessorize open hairstyle is to wear a eye-catchy piece of hair accessory, and what can be better than a sparkling piece of hairband to complete the look.

Wear it with Half Bun– A high half bun with front fringes left loose, can also be paired with a nice headband. You can try this simple hairstyle for any party very easily.

Delicate headband– For the one’s who are looking for something simpler, a delicate wired headband would be perfect. Just pull your hair roughly into a back bun and take out a fringe at the front.

It’s great for short hair too-How do you instantly pep up a pixie haircut for a party, well just simply use a chunky head band and it will instantly complete your look like never before.

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