5 Hair Accessories to Style Your Beloved Short Hair

Styling short hair is not that difficult as it seems to. Infact when done properly, short hair make you look super stylish and young. And there are off course so many hairstyles and ways to style a short hair. So in this article we bring you how to add up a few fun elements or accessories to your short hair to make it look super cool, and they are…..

Front knot Bandana– A bandana tied in a front knot style goes best with extra short hair. Or you can also tie your short hair at the back with the help of a clip or a clutch, and use a bandana to hold the hair like this.

Hair scarf– A hair scarf is not just an accessory but has a functional purpose as well, depending upon how you tie it to cover your hair. Well for the fashion purposes you can use a hair scarf over a half bun like in the picture.

Hairbands– A headband is always a great idea to pep up your hair instantly. You can choose between the basic printed or plain headbands for regular days, and the more jeweled or fancy ones for special occasions.

Fancy clips– A bunch of fancy clips on your hair will always look attractive. Choose the clips according to your dressing, like for fun days you can wear colorful bobby pins but when you have to dress up for an occasion then you can pick up the fancy ones in pearls, stones and likewise.

Big clips– You can also use big sized bow clips which look super feminine and girlish. Its an easy way to quickly add some element to your hairstyle.

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